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California City Bans Flavored Tobacco and Ecigs

San Francisco, Calif. – San Francisco has now become the first US city to effectively ban e-cigarette sales as well as flavored tobacco.

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Their city’s board voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance Late June that will prohibit the selling/distribution of electronic cigarettes within the city of San Fran – including that of flavored tobacco products such as freebase e-liquid – through online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Juul being not only one of the leading e-cigarette companies in the vape industry, is also a residing member of the San Francisco area having their headquarters based in the Northern Californian city are now backing a ballot initiative in San Francisco that if passed by voters in November, will overturn the ordinance according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

But what does this mean for adult vapers who have turned to freebase flavored e-liquid, e-cigarettes as an alternative to combustible cigarettes?

San Francisco’s chief economist Ted Egan told the Chronicle that the legislation would not have a material impact on the San Francisco economy, but the money spent on vaping products would be spent on other nicotine products such as cigarettes.

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The legislation was proposed by the city to take the first major step in the on-going battle of teen vaping, but the other question many have in mind is if this was the right course of action to take, or if there were other alternatives that have been overlooked?

Comment below your thoughts on the rising issue of teen vaping, what actions can be taken and/or what the vape community can do?



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